Searching for George Glen Harrison Cowper

I had been in contact with someone on Facebook.


Do you have any training record mentions of a George Glen Harrison COWPER from England, who later flew Lancasters with 550 Squadron in Lincolnshire?

I was just sent this photo.

BCATP Tiger Moth

I was not told if he is on the left or on the right. My guess is that he is on the right. These two airmen are in front of a Tiger Moth. George Glen Harrison Cowper’s son told that his father got his training in Canada which would make sense since we see the enclosed cockpit added for flight training during winter.

George Glen Harrison Cowper’s son will be looking for his father’s log book.

This story will be updated.

Updated 2019-08-19 11:30

Flying Officer Cowper DFC was the pilot.



Now we know he was on the right.

BCATP Tiger Moth

It sounded familiar

unknown pilot

This photograph and the story reminded me of something I had written on another of  my blogs about WWII.

This is the translation of the original.

The daughter of Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire sent me several pictures of her father.

   Roland Dallaire

Roland Dallaire

Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire was part of 425 Alouette Squadron.

Here are more pictures of Roland Dallaire.

Roland Dallaire is in front. The pilot is sitting behind in the Tiger Moth.

Rolland-dallaire-in a Tiger-Moth

According to the caption Roland Dallaire was posted in Regina in 1940

roland-dallaire Regina

We would be 11 May 1940.

Here an aerial view of the training school located in Regina.

regina 15efts 3aos

It was used by No 15 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) and No 3 AOS (Air Observer School).

No. 20 E.F.T.S., Oshawa

It has been a long time since I have written a post on this blog.

I had one on the back burner and I had forgotten to post it.

Bad day flying

I only write when I have something to share.

I have something that might be of interest to someone who was stationed at No. 20 E.F.T.S., Oshawa or a relative.

   Logbook pages 3-4

These are two pages taken from this logbook.

Logbook cover

This is Rodolphe Lafrenière, a Handley Page Halifax pilot with 425 Alouette Squadron during WWII.

Rodolphe Lafreni+¿re

His son André shared his father’s logbook and several photos with me.

None were taken at No. 20 EFTS Oshawa. These are two I found on the Internet.


Oshawa Public Libraries’ online image collection


Oshawa Public Libraries’ online image collection

These logbook pages are interesting artefacts because we have the name of Rodolphe Lafrenière’s instructor: WO2 J. P. Lumsden.

Maybe someone knew this instructor, and maybe he or she has pictures to share. This is why I am writing this post on this blog about the BCATP.

There were also others names.

Flight Sergeant John Mac Keller, instructor, and Bert Pearson, engineer in charge.

If you have any information, you can contact me using this form.