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Comment made by Will Chabun on 13 February 2020
Only one thing to quibble with in this fine production: 10:30 into it, the narration claims that the Royal Flying Corps conducted flying training in Regina during the First World War. It certainly recruited pilots and mechanics here, but the training was done in southern Ontario.

Avro Anson

The only one in the world still flying.

Avro Anson 2

Print screen taken of the video

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Now sit in the cockpit.

I found these thanks to Peter Whitfield on this Facebook page

Update from Errol Cavit in the comment section.

ZK-RRA is the only Mk.I still flying, there are two later Marks flying in the UK (or at least they were last airshow season).

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Print screen taken of the video

Avro Anson August 1941 modified

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