Flight Lieutenant Rodolphe Lafrenière’s logbook

These pages go with Rodolphe Lafrenière’s pictures I posted before.


One of reasons I write blogs about WWII is pictures like this one I posted yesterday on my blog about 425 Alouette.

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That plane was not in that squadron although I could make up a story.

One day I will be able to tell you more about that airplane. Continue reading

A funny anecdote

Do you know what Facebook is?

Did you know there is a Facebook group about BCATP?

Did you know that two recruits were in the same course at No. 6 SFTS Dunnville?

Course 46 No. 1 Section Dunnville 1942_picture

Course 46.

They got their wings on the same day: April 24, 1942.

Eugène Gagnon Dunnville

Collection Jacques Gagnon

Did you know I visited the Dunnville Museum in 2011 and took more than 200 pictures?


This was one of them…

Course 46 No. 1 Section Dunnville 1942_picture

Did you know recruit no.1 was Eugène Gagnon who became a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron?

Eugene Gagnon course 46


Collection Tom Cushing

What about finding on Facebook that recruit No. 15 was someone’s grandfather?

Dunnville Course 46 2-7 Browne

Now you know how Facebook can be fun and be a great tool to reunite people with their relatives or strangers who got their training with the BCATP.

No. 20 E.F.T.S., Oshawa

Updated 12 November 2020

Flight Lieutenant Ken Williams was taken on strength at No. 20  Elementary Flying Training School on March 7th 1943.

5 ITS December 28th 1942

20 EFTS March 7th 1943

6 SFTS May 1943

1 OTU August 27th 1943

3 PRC February 1st 1944

61 OTU March 21st 1944

3 TEU June 2nd 1944

1690 Flight June 6th 1944

83 GSU December 10th 1944

416 Squadron December 25th 1944

Rodolphe Lafrenière was in the same course as Ken Williams.

End of update

It has been a long time since I have written a post on this blog. I had one on the back burner and I had forgotten to post it.

Bad day flying

I only write when I have something to share. I have something that might be of interest to someone who was stationed at No. 20 E.F.T.S., Oshawa or a relative. (broken link)

   Logbook pages 3-4

These are two pages taken from this logbook.

Logbook cover

This is Rodolphe Lafrenière, a Handley Page Halifax pilot with 425 Alouette Squadron during WWII.

Rodolphe Lafreni+¿re

His son André shared his father’s logbook and several photos with me.

None were taken at No. 20 EFTS Oshawa. These are two I found on the Internet.


Oshawa Public Libraries’ online image collection


Oshawa Public Libraries’ online image collection

These logbook pages are interesting artefacts because we have the name of Rodolphe Lafrenière’s instructor: WO2 J. P. Lumsden.

Maybe someone knew this instructor, and maybe he or she has pictures to share. This is why I am writing this post on this blog about the BCATP.

There were also others names.

Flight Sergeant John Mac Keller, instructor, and Bert Pearson, engineer in charge.

If you have any information, you can contact me using this form.