No.13 SFTS St.Hubert – 1942

Contribution Luc Dubé

No.13 SFTS St.Hubert



This is post No.199 about the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan commonly known as the BCATP.

Strangely enough I did not know its existence before 2010 when I started looking for more information on a French-Canadian Mosquito pilot.

Gagnon gets his wings - April 1942

Eugène Gagnon DFC (1921-1947)

Little by little my interest about the BCATP grew and grew. So when I found this week pictures from the past, I just got curious. Eugène Gagnon was also at No.1 Manning Depot, then at Uplands, but he missed the shooting of Captains of the Clouds.

extract-service record-airmen-left st.catharines

LAC Art O’Neil did not miss it. I don’t have his service record to prove it, but I have got pictures to prove he was there.


LAC Art O’Neil at No.1 Manning Depot, Toronto, circa 1941
Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)

I believe Art O’Neil met LAC Terence Phelan there.

I have Terence’s service record. This is only a few of the pages found on Ancestry.



Art and Terry found themselves at No.16 SFTS Hagersville.



From Art O’Neil’s Collection of Wartime Pictures

This is Post 197 on this blog paying homage to those who were trained in the BCATP.

We will start with these photos for the time being…


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)


Collection Art O’Neil (courtesy Paul O’Neil)

It sounded familiar

unknown pilot

This photograph and the story reminded me of something I had written on another of  my blogs about WWII.

This is the translation of the original.

The daughter of Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire sent me several pictures of her father.

   Roland Dallaire

Roland Dallaire

Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire was part of 425 Alouette Squadron.

Here are more pictures of Roland Dallaire.

Roland Dallaire is in front. The pilot is sitting behind in the Tiger Moth.

Rolland-dallaire-in a Tiger-Moth

According to the caption Roland Dallaire was posted in Regina in 1940

roland-dallaire Regina

We would be 11 May 1940.

Here an aerial view of the training school located in Regina.

regina 15efts 3aos

It was used by No 15 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) and No 3 AOS (Air Observer School).