Instructing student pilots – a dangerous affair

Walter Neil Dove’s notes are so interesting when you read what he wrote about LAC St. Marseille, a student pilot determined to…

logbook Uplands page 21

But sometimes his comments tell a lot about other student pilots… like “Whitey” Jones.

ROSE, F/L Richard John (J12271)

Information from Airforce. ca

ROSE, F/L Richard John (J12271) – Distinguished Flying CrossNo.150 Squadron – Award effective 6 March 1945 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 625/45 dated 13 April 1945. Born 1923 in Toronto; home there (clerk). Trained at No.1 ITS, No.3 EFTS and No.1 SFTS. Commissioned 1942.

 Johnny Rose Toronto DFC 1



This officer has completed numerous operational missions and throughout has set a fine example of devotion to duty. One night in January 1945 he piloted an aircraft detailed to attack Munich. Some distance from the target the aircraft sustained damage making it difficult to control. In spite of this, Flight Lieutenant Rose continued his mission. Later the port outer engine failed. Height was rapidly lost and the aircraft came down to 1,000 feet. Flight Lieutenant Rose succeeded in regaining control and, displaying outstanding airmanship, flew the badly damaged aircraft to base. His skill, coolness and determination set an excellent example.

Johnny Rose who was an instructor in Uplands became a Lancaster pilot.



Flight Lieutenant John Douglas Hopkins

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HOPKINS, F/L John Douglas (J5812) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.113 Squadron – Award effective 20 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 2 January 1945 and AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945. Born in Orangeville, Ontario, 1919; home there. Was educated at the University of Toronto, ex-COTC. Enlisted in Toronto, 10 October 1941. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 27 January 1941), No.9 EFTS (graduated 17 March 1941) and No.2 SFTS (graduated 16 June 1941). Commissioned 1941.

This officer has commanded his flight since February 1944. He has flown on a large number of sorties over Burma and India, often in adverse weather over mountainous and jungle-covered country. In the absence of the commanding officer he has led the squadron with conspicuous success, setting an inspiring example by his enthusiasm, courage and devotion to duty.

Flight Lieutenant John Douglas Hopkins was an instructor at No. 2 S.F.T.S. Uplands.


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Eric Pook

Eric Pook Ottawa

Eric Pook is in Walter Neil Dove’s collection.

I found him on the Internet

Eric A. Pook


POOK, Eric A. WWII Fighter Pilot (F/Lt.) 54 Squadron RAF (11 Group) and 412 RCAF

On May 17, 2005 at Nepean. Born in England, March 30, 1919. Beloved husband for over 61 years to Evelyn V. Pook (nee Macdonald). Dear father of Dr. John G. Pook and wife Jill M. Pook (nee King). Proud grandfather of Eric A. Pook. Private funeral arrangements. In lieu of flowers donations are encouraged to the Palliative Outreach Program, 1455 Woodroffe Avenue South, Nepean, Ontario, K2G 1W1.

Very special thanks to the exceptional care provided by Dr. Barb Yeats and Dr. Margaret Farncombe.

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Instructors No. 2 S.F.T.S. Uplands


P/O Rose from Toronto

Walter Neil Dove

F/L Sprague, Ottawa

F/O Teters, California

S/P Baker, Hamilton


F/L Pook, Ottawa

WO Couse, St. Catherines

Instructors of G. Flight

No. 2  S.F.T.S. Uplands, Ontario

Walter Neil Dove’s Record of Service


Walter Neil Dove documented well his war years, and his grandson has shared everything with me since September 2011. I had never realised Walter Neil Dove was an instructor at No. 2 S.F.T.S. Uplands before Greg sent me all these pictures.

I was awestruck when I saw them, and the reason is for everyone to see why…