Enlistment: Windsor, Ontario – 21 January 1942

Ed’s first training days…

Edmund Poscavage

Jake  Gaudaur's  drawing  of his  best friend


POSCAVAGE, Edmond William (J26132)

Place & Date of Enlistment:
Windsor, Ontario – 21 January 1942

Ed probably crossed the U.S. borders in Detroit on January 21, 1942, thinking about his training days at Maxwell Field. Ed Poscavage enlisted on September 5th, 1941, and was sent to Maxwell Field, in Alabama. Very little is known about the time he spent there and the type of plane he had flown.

Little is also known about his mishap when he crashed his plane at Maxwell Field. He most probably flew this type of trainer.


Vultee BT-13

And had this kind of accident…


Or this kind…


I guess we will never find out unless someone comments on this post.

This is what Maxwell Field looked like in 1937.


Jake Gaudaur tells us how it was like when he met Ed for the first time in his life.

In January 1942…

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Passionate about aviation?

About Station Bagotville

To be published in June 2017.

Lest We Forget II

You will have to wait a little.


Until June 1942 June 2017.



75 years of Air Defence

A unique 512-page bilingual book recounting the history of the Bagotville Air Base, located in the Saguenay Region in the Province of Quebec.

This book describes, with never before published photos and documents:

• The role of the base during the Second World War as part of Eastern Air Command. Operational training on North American Harvards and Hawker Hurricanes, as well as use of the latter and the Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk in the air defence of the Saguenay Region’s industry.
• Protection of Canada’s sovereignty following the reactivation of the base in 1951, the beginning of the Cold War and the formation of NORAD using the de Havilland DH.100 Vampire, the Canadair F-86 Sabre and the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck.
• The pursuit of Canada’s air defence and support of land forces…

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Edmund William Poscavage’s Record of Service

Transcription of the Record of Service

Edmund Poscavage

Jake  Gaudaur's  drawing  of his  best friend


POSCAVAGE, Edmond William (J26132)

Place & Date of Enlistment:
Windsor, Ontario – 21 January 1942


No. 1 Service Flying Training School, Camp Borden, Ontario – on Appointment
Eastern Air Command, Halifax, Nova Scotia – 14 May 1943
No. 126 Squadron, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – 17 May 1943
R.C.A.F. Station, Goose Bay, Labrador -27 July 1943
No. 129 Squadron, Bagotville, Quebec – 15 October 1943
No. 129 Squadron, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – 31 December 1943

Rank – Reclassifications Appointments & Promotions:

AC2 21 January 1942 (Aircraftman Second Class)
LAC 17 July 1942 (Leading Aircraftman)
T/Sgt. (Pd) 30 April 1942 (Temporary Sergeant (Pending)
P/O 30 April 1943 (Pilot Officer)
T/F/O (Pd) 30 0ctober 1943 (Temporary Flying Officer (Pending)

Pay-Remustering & Classification:
P or O “S” 21 Januany 1942 (Pilot or Observer)
Aircrew I.T.S.  26 June 1942 (I.T.S. = Initial Training School)
Airman Pilot “S” 17 July 1942

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In Memory Of Edmund William Poscavage

Introduction to his training days in Canada

Edmund Poscavage

There will  never be a Hollywood movie  made about  Edmund  William  Poscavage’s service with the RCAF during World War Two.


It  would  be the perfect  subject though when  you read the story  Joe  Palladino  wrote about  a hometown  boy  who  never came back…

Poscavage  - jump page(1)

This is Ed’s Record of Service in the RCAF.

Record of Service

That’s all I need to know to write about Ed Poscavage in the RCAF.

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