Three Corners – R.A.F. in Canada

Clarence sent me two stories to post on this blog.

Hello Pierre,

Here are two stories which were completed in 2010 for “After the Battle” magazine in England. One is my complete research, which I sent to editor, the other is the story that appeared in the Feb. 2010 issue.
They are for you to use as you wish. They cover the history of the RAF schools in Alberta, etc., and where Briggs [F for Freddie] was trained, received his wings, and crashed. It is time they appeared for everyone to read and learn.
Please publish and add anything you wish.
More to come, are you OK with that?


OK with that?

This is the second story.

117 pages!

Three Corners RAF Canada

Meaningless until you read what Clarence wrote…

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This is what Clarence wrote…

 RAF Alberta


Miss Sharp’s name should be spelled Sharp and not Sharpe. (correction sent by Clarence)


These enclosed [images] are the last three photos taken by Miss Sharp. The one image clearly shows the roof-top high aerial pole, one of which they would hit in 20 mins. (sent by Clarence)