Meaningless until you read what Clarence wrote…

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This is what Clarence wrote…

 RAF Alberta


Miss Sharp’s name should be spelled Sharp and not Sharpe. (correction sent by Clarence)


These enclosed [images] are the last three photos taken by Miss Sharp. The one image clearly shows the roof-top high aerial pole, one of which they would hit in 20 mins. (sent by Clarence)




6 thoughts on “Meaningless until you read what Clarence wrote…

  1. The article, The Empire Air Training Scheme in Canada, is fascinating and presents information so often overlooked. Training programs such as this provided threat-free training areas with not German intruders waiting to jump on unsuspecting trainees. Some 70 odd years later they are often just a footnote in local histories.

    The article is also a great genealogical and family history source that provides information about the lives of various individuals that can be found no where else.

    Great post, Pierre. I hope it is accessed by those who had family members who trained in Canada.

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