Edgar Dörre – Redux

Edgar Dörre

Edgar Dörre is the Luftwaffe pilot who shot down Mervyn Jack Mills, 19.


Mervyn Jack Mills

Brian had done a lot of research about his uncle and he found who probably shot his uncle’s Spitfire.

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Mervyn Jack Mills’ body was never found.

Edgar Dörre died on September 8, 1943.

Edgar Dörre who shot down Mervyn Jack Mills


Yesterday, Brian  wrote  me and sent these pages where this Luftwaffe  pilot’s  name is mentioned.



The Flying Lesson – De Havilland Tiger Moth

Short film that says a lot

Defence of the Realm

A truly beautiful short film about a woman who wants to honour her pilot-grandfather by going up for a flight in the same De Havilland Tiger Moth trainer that he did. Aided by the distinctly old fashioned instructor known as Douglas she experiences the feeling of a true stick-and-rudder aircraft – the closest any of us will get to flying like a bird.

Well made, moving and featuring stunning in-flight footage of the Tiger Moth this is a must-see for fans of a true British aviation icon.

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