133 (f) Squadron Hurricane Mk XII

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A picture of a Hurricane Mk XII.

133 Squadron Hurricane

133 Hurricane credit

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Although this image was taken in Lethbridge Alberta in late 1942-early 43, it was one of the No. 133 Fighter Squadron Hawker Hurricanes that made an historic trip to Boundary Bay Feb.1943. Boundary Bay had been re-designated a Home War Defense Station and No. 133 was tasked with protecting the Air space of the Greater Vancouver Area from possible attack from Japanese Forces. The Squadron made the trip non stop from Lethbridge and by the time they reached Boundary Bay they were “sucking fumes”, recalled Pilot Officer McGowan. “We had no fuel left, not even enough to circle the aerodrome and so we landed in Squadron Formation of three at a time, all twelve aircraft. As far as I know it was never done before or since, (during WW2), as it was very dangerous, if someone screwed up it would be catastrophic.”

Hurricane 5387

This is the same type of plane Sgt Grissom was flying on April 15, 1943.


5387 Hawker Canada Car & Foundry, Fort William 812
Hurricane Mk. XII  
  first date: 23 June 1942 – Taken on strength
  Delivered to stored reserve with No. 4 Training Command.  Issued to No. 133 (F) Squadron at Lethbridge, Alberta on 3 July 1942.  Still with this unit when it transferred to Western Air Command and moved to RCAF Station Boundary Bay, BC on 26 October 1942.  Coded “FN*D”.  Dove into ground near Boundary Bay on 15 April 1943, and was totally destroyed.
  last date: 19 April 1943 – Struck off, reduced to spares and produce

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He must have been a new addition to No. 133 (f) Fighter Squadron. I wonder if it was a familiarization flight on the Hurricane? 133 was part of the Coastal Defense for the Vancouver area and not actually a training unit.

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