Hurricane 5387

This is the same type of plane Sgt Grissom was flying on April 15, 1943.


5387 Hawker Canada Car & Foundry, Fort William 812
Hurricane Mk. XII  
  first date: 23 June 1942 – Taken on strength
  Delivered to stored reserve with No. 4 Training Command.  Issued to No. 133 (F) Squadron at Lethbridge, Alberta on 3 July 1942.  Still with this unit when it transferred to Western Air Command and moved to RCAF Station Boundary Bay, BC on 26 October 1942.  Coded “FN*D”.  Dove into ground near Boundary Bay on 15 April 1943, and was totally destroyed.
  last date: 19 April 1943 – Struck off, reduced to spares and produce

This is the source.

I got help from someone on a Facebook group page dedicated to RCAF Boundary Bay 1941-1945.

He must have been a new addition to No. 133 (f) Fighter Squadron. I wonder if it was a familiarization flight on the Hurricane? 133 was part of the Coastal Defense for the Vancouver area and not actually a training unit.

Linking this information with Mr. Walker’s Website was a struck of luck.

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One thought on “Hurricane 5387

  1. Another accident a month later…

    Same source

    April 15­ – Boundary Bay based Hurricane 5387 crashed just half a mile east of the airfield, killing trainee pilot Sgt. E.E. Grissom.

    April 24 – ­A Bolingbroke flying out of Sea Island plunged into the Fraser River a mile west of Mission. Only one of four bodies was recovered.

    May 12­ – Less than a month after Sgt. Grissom crashed his Hurricane a mile east of the Boundary Bay airfield, F/S E.B. Moneypenny did the same with his Hurricane during a dawn patrol.

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