Searching for George Glen Harrison Cowper

I had been in contact with someone on Facebook.


Do you have any training record mentions of a George Glen Harrison COWPER from England, who later flew Lancasters with 550 Squadron in Lincolnshire?

I was just sent this photo.

BCATP Tiger Moth

I was not told if he is on the left or on the right. My guess is that he is on the right. These two airmen are in front of a Tiger Moth. George Glen Harrison Cowper’s son told that his father got his training in Canada which would make sense since we see the enclosed cockpit added for flight training during winter.

George Glen Harrison Cowper’s son will be looking for his father’s log book.

This story will be updated.

Updated 2019-08-19 11:30

Flying Officer Cowper DFC was the pilot.



Now we know he was on the right.

BCATP Tiger Moth

2 thoughts on “Searching for George Glen Harrison Cowper

  1. Peter George Glen Harrison Cowper was born in 1923, to Denzil Harold Cowper and Alice Maude Cowper (born James). Alice was born in 1901.
    Peter had 3 siblings: a brother Denzil ‘Norman’ William Harrison Erskine Cowper and 2 other siblings.
    Peter married in 1962, at age 38. They had one child. Peter passed away in 1993, at age 70.

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