4th from the left on the front row…

83 Navigators No 5 AOS Winnipeg

A day in the life of Eric William Preston McQueen

83 Navigators No 5 AOS Winnipeg fourth from the left front rowEric William Preston McQueen


2 thoughts on “4th from the left on the front row…

  1. Flew as a navigator with 227 Squadron


    No. 227 Squadron
    Badge: None authorised

    Formed at Taranto, Italy, April 1918. Did not become operational before war ended and disbanded 9.12.18. Re-appeared at Luqa, Malta, 20.8.42, when No 235 Squadron with Beaufighters was re-numbered 227. Had long-range fighter role and was mainly employed on offensive sweeps and convoy escort duties in Mediterranean and Ægean areas.

    Re-formed 7.10.44 in Lincolnshire as a Lancaster heavy bomber squadron in No. 5 Group and during remainder of European war took part in many major raids. In May 1945, helped to repatriate British ex-POWs.

    Bomber Command WWII Bases: Re-formed 7.10.44 as No 227(B) Sqn at Balderton – “A” Flt was attached to No. 9 Sqn at Bardney & “W” Flt to No 619 Sqn at Strubby. Both flts operated from Iheir respective bases for a while & then between 19th & 23rd October moved in stages to

    Balderton : Oct 1944-Apr 1945
    Strubby : Apr 1945 onwards
    Bomber Command WWII Aircraft:

    Avro Lancaster B.I and B.III : Oct 1944 onwards
    Code Letters:

    First Bombing Mission in WWII:

    10/11th October 1944 : 3 Lancasters bombed gun positions at Flushing.
    Last Operational Mission in WWII:

    25th April 1945 : 3 Lancasters bombed Berchtesgaden & 3 other Lancasters
    Last Mission before VE Day:

    4th May 1945 : 12 Lancasters ferried ex-POWs home to UK from Continent.

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