November 9, 1941 – Paulson, Manitoba – More Update

This blog is all about remembering and sharing stories about the BCATP.

There is one more update to this tragedy that occurred at Paulson.

My father Sgt.Lloyd Brown was the pilot of this Fairey Battle We were out at Paulson Mb. in 1986 to see his old base and to talk a walk. When we were walking along the taxi way this was the first time he ever talked about this accident This incident really had a bad effect on my father as he felt it was his fault as he couldn’t see Mr. Heal After this my Father never mentioned this accident ever again I only wish I could of found this accident report before his passing for him to see it was not his fault.

There was another previous comment made about this post:

This is somewhat unsettling to me and very strange. My father, David L. « Bud » Quinn, who was a Flight Lieutenant at the time of the death of LAC Heal, may have witnessed this accident. He was the Armament Officer in Charge of Gunnery at No. 7 B&GS at Paulson from June 1941 until the end of July 1942.

He described to me once seeing one of his armourers turning without looking and walking into the rotating prop of an aircraft. He called out to him, but not in time. The description of the accident in the medical examiner’s official report above is consistent with how my father described it, namely « partial decapitation & decerebration ». He said that at the time it shook him to the core. Decades later he could still not get the memory out of his head.

May they all now rest in peace! Lest we forget.

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Remembering LAC Kenneth Edgar Heal…







2 thoughts on “November 9, 1941 – Paulson, Manitoba – More Update

  1. I always thought my Dad saw an incident like this. He only told me the story once and insisted that the man was not injured. I think he just couldn’t face the image a second time.

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