Before I go on…

Before I go on one more time on this blog…

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

I could have written a book about Eugene Gagnon, a Mosquito pilot with RAF 23 Squadron who unknowingly led me to Allan Todd just like my wife’s uncle led me to write blogs about WWII.

Eugene Gagnon course 46

LAC Eugene Gagnon at No. 6 SFTS, Dunnville, Ontario

Writing a blog was easier in 2009.

Souvenirs de guerre was a blog created when my wife’s uncle told us he was a sailor aboard HMCS Athabaskan the night the destroyer was torpedoed. Souvenirs de guerre had its English counterpart since English speaking people were contributing so many stories and pictures.

The floodgates then opened wide one day when veterans started writing comments.

One veteran air gunner was instrumental in creating another blog about 425 Alouette, his bomber squadron in WWII.  When I found out he was suffering from this, and was just using me for his own personal glory, I just shot him down and…

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