Instructing student pilots – a dangerous affair

Interesting comment made about this post.

“Instructing student pilots- a dangerous affair” struck a cord with me.

My father’s best friend, Robert [Bob] Bruce Reid, was a Flight Sergeant Instructor with the #12 E.F.T.S. (Goderich, Ontario).

On August 26, 1942, near Rostock, ON, in a Tiger Moth (#8909) on a cross country training exercise, there was a mid-air collision with another training aircraft with #14 S.F.T.S, a Yale (#3391).

All four, two instructors and two students, were killed: J.E. Mosher, Pilot Instructor, J. McVicar, student pilot; R.B Reid, Pilot Instructor, and D. York, pupil pilot.

I do have a few photos of Bob which I’d like to post on this site, if that would be okay. [Although I am not sure how to do an entry as polished as some of those I’ve seen here]. If permissable, I’d like to add a few comments from his official record and from a letter to my father alluding to the toll the training was taking on him.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Walter Neil Dove’s notes are so interesting when you read what he wrote about LAC St. Marseille, a student pilot determined to…

logbook Uplands page 21

But sometimes his comments tell a lot about other student pilots… like “Whitey” Jones.

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