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unknown pilot

This photo was found amongst some special family memorabilia. I do not know who he is but would love to find out more. He would have been stationed in or around Regina possibly 1939? Is this a Canadian uniform? And any tips on where I could begin my search? I appreciate any ideas.

He is most likely my biological Grandfather. My Mom was born July 1940. So this would mean he would have been in Regina October or early November 1939. So many questions arise over my own genealogy now! Please feel free to share –

Many thanks.


17 thoughts on “Request on a Facebook Page

  1. Hi Pierre Lagacé and GP Cox. Thank you for taking the time to have a look and see what you think of the photo. I am so happy that you love a mystery, I wish I had more information to pass along. I guess there is always a possibility he sent my Grandma the photo after they “met”, but I am not sure.

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