It sounded familiar

unknown pilot

This photograph and the story reminded me of something I had written on another of  my blogs about WWII.

This is the translation of the original.

The daughter of Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire sent me several pictures of her father.

   Roland Dallaire

Roland Dallaire

Warrant Officer Roland Dallaire was part of 425 Alouette Squadron.

Here are more pictures of Roland Dallaire.

Roland Dallaire is in front. The pilot is sitting behind in the Tiger Moth.

Rolland-dallaire-in a Tiger-Moth

According to the caption Roland Dallaire was posted in Regina in 1940

roland-dallaire Regina

We would be 11 May 1940.

Here an aerial view of the training school located in Regina.

regina 15efts 3aos

It was used by No 15 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) and No 3 AOS (Air Observer School).


7 thoughts on “It sounded familiar

  1. Hi Pierre, Is the land really as flat as it looks? Really great photos.  This year I found extra information about my father who had a bad accident in 1939. His motorcycle against a car.  I’m updating my list of NZers in the armed forces who died in WWII from an old newspaper commemorating 50 years after WWII. An Example:Cheney, Norman James, Sergeant, 31 Operational Training Unit, Canada, November 12, 1942, 33. NZ414862 Regards, Brian.

  2. No. 3 AOS & No. 15 EFTS, Regina

    No. 3 Air Observer School (Regina) & No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School:

    by Bruce Forsyth (, with permission

    In 1940, the RCAF took over the Regina Municipal Airport for use as a part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The Royal Flying Corps had previously used the airport during WWI.

    No. 3 Air Observer School opened 16 September 1940, followed by No. 15 Elementary Flying Training School on 11 November 1940. A Relief Landing Field was constructed near Brora.

    On 12 September 1942, No. 3 AOS opened a Detachment at Pearce, Alberta, while also maintaining its site in Regina. The school continued operating until 6 June 1943 when both the Pearce and Regina schools closed.

    By the time No. 15 SFTS also closed on 11 August 1944, the school had trained 2011 pilots.

    The airport reverted to civilian use and is currently the Regina Airport. A new 6200 ft runway officially opened on 25 April 1953.

    Source material: “Regina Airport – A History” produced by Transport Canada, the “Wings Over Alberta” web site – & “Wings For Victory” by Spencer Dunmore.

    LH Davidson was the only casualty from No. 3 AOS to appear in SVWM, while three (JW Ekdahl, GB Perkins and MM Westgate) were connected to No. 15 EFTS.

  3. Four men from 3 AOS died in a crash SE of Regina in the spring of 1941. As regards 15 EFTS, Marion Westgate was an RCAF nursing sister who’d gone up for an orientation flght and was killed when the aircraft — a Cornell trainer, IIRC — crashed.

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