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R54605, Payer, Philippe Cpl. enlisted: October 10,1939.

With information on the back.

photo verso

Corporal Payer is the man on the right. According to the caption we are in 1941.

St-Hubert P. Que

Été 1941

Moi et mes hommes ce que l’on appelle un Crew

L’avion est un Tiger Shark

spit Fire

I am sure we are at the St-Hubert airbase in 1941, but this is not a Spitfire on this photo. It’s an American P-40 Kittyhawk bearing the code VW.

There were few P-40 Kittyhawk in Canada.

Very rares photos on the Internet. These are from the personal collection of Leonard  Weston who would have served in Alaska!

His son had shared them so everyone could see them on the Internet.

What golden opportunity then to share this incredible photo taken in June 1941 at St-Hubert.

photo mod

R54605, Payer, Philippe Cpl. enlisted: October 10,1939

No 13 SFTS St-Hubert

No. 13 SFTS St. Hubert


Comment left by a knowledgeable reader

Hi Pierre

They are indeed Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks. The VW indicates 118 Squadron.  The photo with the Kitty in the glassed hanger was probably taken in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where 118 was stationed before it went to Western Air Command in June, 1942.  (Although it could be Rockcliffe where they formed).  It is unusual to see the shark teeth nose on a 118 aircraft, a design they discontinued out west (14 Squadron was also using that design out west when they got there in March, 1942.

The other photos, also Kittyhawks (all Mark 1s), were taken, most likely on Annette Island, Alaska where 118 was stationed until they went overseas to become 438 Squadron flying Typhoons. The photographs were all taken before October 31, 1942 when the order went out to remove the squadron identification letters on all RCAF aircraft.

There must be hundreds of shots like these slumbering in shoeboxes in attics all over Canada. I wish there was a way to get them out.

Best regards

Bill Eull

5 thoughts on “Shared on Facebook

  1. The Photos SUPPLIED by Lorne Weston were those of His FATHER LEONARD WESTON Flight Sergeant — 403 Wing 127 Wolf Squadron.You have gotten them mixed up in some of the captions.

  2. Unless you mean these were not with 403 Squadron. That I know. Leonard was posted first in Alaska which is still a family mystery.

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