Cam Harrod posted this on the Facebook page of British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada.



With this comment…

It seems that Vintage Wings of Canada is trying to rewrite history here with this new logo.
The 75th anniversary of the BCATP was in 2014 NOT 2016.
Contacted both the CEO and the F/Book page and it seems even though they acknowledge that the BCATP was formed in 1939, that they are not interested in correcting the mistake.
I always thought that their mandate was to educate and inspire our future generations. If so , they would be obligated to do this with accuracy
It’s very disappointing when an organization like theirs would care so little about getting things correct.

To this I added this comment…

Admitting you made an error says a lot about you… No admitting tells even more. This reminds me of the 1812 celebration done in 2012 about the War of 1812. Pure politics! Thanks for getting this viral.




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