Who remembers Gerald Boucher on Remembrance Day?

About an airman who didn’t come back

RCAF 425 Les Alouettes

Veronica, Gerald Boucher’s sister, but not only on Remembrance Day.

Ops Zoom visit 2000 08 -Veronica


Veronica remembers her brother Gerald who died at 19 on April 25, 1944 over Holland…

He is not the only one who died during the war, but he is part of 17,000 other Canadian airmen.

Original graves in Bergen Op Zoom graveyard 1944

Who remembers Gerald Boucher?

Probably someone like these two Dutch women.

graves of Canadian soldiers, Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands, 5 May 1946 (2)

5 May 1946

Who remembers his granduncle Gerald, his grandmother’s brother?

Gérard Boucher

Gerald Boucher

Doug Cochrane who I found on a Facebook page dedicated to the Handley Page Halifax…

Doug had asked me in Novembre 2014 if this was the information I was seeking about his granduncle.

Crash ID 382
Date 25 April 1944
Location Oosterschelde
Airplane Handley Page
Type / model Halifax III
Serial number MZ573
Registration number KW-G
Group RAF Bomber Command
Squadron 425 Sqdn RAF
Base Tholthorpe

Mission Karlsruhe stad
Target Karlsruhe

Crew P/O J. R. Wells RCAF POW
Sgt J…

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