Shooting Up the Canadiana

Part of No. 6 SFTS Dunnville

Forgotten Warbirds

The Last Flight of Harvard 2963

Written by Shawn Wylie

It is the early summer of 1943 and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan is well into its fourth year of existence.  Potential air crews from across the Commonwealth are gathered and training is in high gear producing well-trained crews capable of contributing to the war effort.  Across Canada the skies are filled with the droning sounds of training aircraft of many types. Those aboard the aircraft are hoping to become the next pilots, gunners, navigators, wireless operators or bombardiers that are needed to ensure that victory will come to the Allied powers.  Unfortunately not all of the potential air crew will live long enough to complete their training and join their comrades in a theatre of war.  This is an account of one young man whose tragic actions prevented him from making it back to England to defend his…

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