Also shot down on December 4, 1942

In memory of
Pilot Officer
Hugh Edward McGraw

December 4, 1942
Military Service:
Service Number:
Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
402 Sqdn.
Additional Information:
Son of George Wilson McGraw, and of Florence Ethel McGraw, of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada.




2 thoughts on “Also shot down on December 4, 1942


    Course 38 B
    Back Row – L to R: Chester D. Plante, Southampton; Sandy ?Goodyear – 616 Sqn. Dieppe; Patrick; (J/9274) John Philip Gofton – PoW 416 Sqn., Vancouver; +(R/90442) Stuart William Gunn – 14 (P) AFU, London; James, Alison, +(J/9264) Elroy Fenwick Bent; Schnidler; (J/9268) John Scott Payne, +(J/9279) Charles Willard Gomm – 32 Sqn., B.C., (R/83497) Thomas Cecil ‘Rusty’ Gates – 416 Sqn. Dieppe

    Center: Marby, (J/9277) Frederick Hughes ‘Ted’ Pollock – PoW 183 Sqn., Kitchener; (R/95668) Philip Jay Fox; Courir; Hughes; William Urquhart ‘Bill’ Lethbridge – 602 Sqn. Dieppe, 152 Sqn. Tunisia; (R/93066) Aubrey Cecil Lewis-Watts – 164 Sqn., Toronto; (R/83400) Robert Elias McCann – 222 Sqn., John Patrick McGaughran

    Front: Smith, Grieves, (R/79317) Herbert Phillip ‘Bud’ Milligan – 249 Sqn.; (J/9266) Robert Titus Sheard; K.H. McKay, Cochrane; (R/83467) Robert Wilson White; (R/83412) Raymond Gale Fuchs – 416 Sqn. Dieppe; +(R/66334) Robert Harvey Riedy – 15 OTU; +(J/16506) Hugh Edward McGraw – 402 Sqn. (Dieppe), Kirkland Lake KIA Dec. 4, 42; Jack Wynnford Ferguson, James F. Boyd, Norwich, England; (R/66493) Harold Terry Goodwin – DFC/DFM 61 Sqn.

    Missing: +(J/16344) Francis Carlyle ‘Lyle’ Goring, Woodstock, Ont.; +(R/75691) William John Kaufman – 420 Sqn., St. Thomas; (J/9267) Robert Ernest MacBride – DFC 162 (BR) Sqn., ; (J/22962) D.J. Hoyles, St. Catharines; John T. Olsen – 81 Sqn., Kirkland Lake; Gar W. Cowie, London; H.K. Wisbey, Niagara Falls

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    No. 1 EFTS Malton: Milligan, Goodwin

    No. 3 EFTS Crumlin: Cowie, Fuchs, Lethbridge, Gunn, Goring

    RNZAF: +(NZ402452) Warwick Ashling Clouston – 616 Sqn.

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