Memories from the past – How many came back? – Update

Picture of the ship which sailed from Auckland to San Francisco on November 17, 1941.

Monterey arriving in Auckland 1933

picture taken in 1933

SS  Monterey  arriving at Auckland  

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

Royal New Zealand Air Force:

(414667) Albert James ‘Jimmy’ Osborne – 165/185 Sqns.;

Arthur David Leese,

(414238) Alfred William Burge DFC),

George T. Couttie,

+(414651) Godfrey Alan McKoy,

+(414721) Harry Keith Williams,

+(414677) Arthur Lyall Ray,

+(41430) Bruce Mackenzie Hirstich,

+(413858) Maurice Carson Jolly,

+ (414380) Douglas Robert Bannerman,

+(413875) Frederick Thomas Martyn,

+(414664) Andrew George Patterson Newman,

+(414278) Raymond Cyril Going,

+(414321) Mervyn Jack Mills – 132 Sqn.;

+(41141) Jack McRae Brigham – 243 Sqn.;

R.R. Horo,

(414330) Vincent Orr;

(413924) Roger Wing;

Stewart Matthews – 45 Sqn.;

Thomas (David) Stewart – 165/185 Sqns.,

James E. Shields,

Thomas Alexander,

Wallace M. Sampson,

Raymond J. Hetherington,

Raymond S. Campbell,

James J. McMath – 110 Sqn.;

(George?) J.N. Buchanan,

(414689) David Gordon Simpson – DFC 603/143 Sqns.;

(414645) Jeffrey Maxwell McCarrison – 254 Sqn.;

Warren P. Bennett;

(414374) William Frank Bern – 64 Sqn.

Sailed from Auckland November 17, 1941…

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