March 27 1942

The Silent Secretary where R J Hetherington’s name is mentioned.

Lest We Forget

This comment made yesterday made me think about the diary. She’s a blogger who is writing a blog about her father.

Every history needs to be recorded, every story told – I can’t stress that enough to my readers and I know you do as well.

I will take her advice, but I will start slow with Lawrence Walton Montague’s diary.

Here goes…

Partying was part of a cadet’s life.

I read it in Art Sager’s book Saturday night, so I think I can safely post this diary page.

This is the entry for March 25, 1942. Lawrence will soon get his wings at No. 6 SFTS Dunnville.

March 25 1942

No disrespectful remarks made on this page.


Tonight was the glorious party.

As usual everyone got stupidly drunk and made silly asses of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing a lot by not drinking.

Old George Watson was stupidly funny…

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