Eugene Gagnon DFC – Mosquito pilot

Eugene who?

RAF 23 Squadron

Unless you are familiar with WW II airplanes, coming across this pilot’s name and the type of plane he flew would not mean much.

You see Eugene Gagnon was a Mosquito pilot.

Eugene Gagnon

If you are familiar with Quebec history, you know why this pilot’s name does not mean much here in Quebec.

You see back in 1939, going to war to defend England was not that popular with the majority of people in Quebec.

England had conquered New France in 1760.

That was quite a long time ago…

In 1940, going to war to defend France was not that popular either.

You see France had abandonned French settlers in New France in 1763.

There was resentment amongst the people in Quebec, both against France and England, and this resentment lingered on, and still does.

So when war broke out in Europe in September 1939, and when France was…

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