How many came back from the war?

At least one recruit from this group picture session did come back after the war.

Allan Todd History 008 mod

Allan Todd

Allan Todd History 005

Some of these recruits most probably did not make it past I.T.S. That we will never know. Training was hard. Only a few made it after Initial Training School.

I wonder if Richard Neilhand Hammond is on this picture.

Allan Todd History 008 mod

Hard to tell isn’t. I should have asked Allan Todd.

Allan Todd History 007

I have another picture to show you, but it’s not part of the Allan Todd’s collection. This one I am  sure only one recruit made it back safely to Canada. I have met him more than 25 times since 2010.


Picture taken at McDonald, Manitoba No. 3 B&G – only gunner to come back alive after the war

Air gunner Jean-Paul Corbeil, 425 Les Alouettes Squadron
Second row, on the left… (picture taken at No. 3 B&G Macdonald, Manitoba)


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