The pictures

Allan Todd History 001

Petawawa – November 5, 1983

Left to Right: Allan Todd, Stan Miller, Harry Hollands, George Storey, Dan Foster, Vernon White, Jack Smith, Les Horton, Al d’Eon

The ceremonial sword is presented to the Squadron by WW II members

Allan Todd is sitting on the left.

This is what he wrote on the back.

Allan Todd History 002 Petawawa Nov. 5, 1983

Allan Todd’s son and I scanned all of his father’s pictures at 600 dpi settings so everything is BIG.

When you click on each image a new window will open up.

Allan Todd History 004

Every caption is important.

Those pictures that had no captions I asked Allan Todd about them.

I brought my Olympus VN-5200 PC digital voice recorder along just in case.

This picture was taken at Belleville.

Allan Todd History 008 mod

And it had this caption…
Allan Todd History 005

The recruits had received their flying suits. 

Allan Todd History 008 mod

 What about all that we have scanned?

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3 thoughts on “The pictures

  1. Wow! Don’t you wish every historic group photo had the identifications marked on the back? I have so many family photos from the early 20th Century with people I know are relatives, but can’t do more than guess as to which relative they might be. This is especially true of the uncles since they all look a lot alike and many of them I never met or didn’t know as young men.

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