Restoring an Avro Anson

For addicted Avro Anson lovers…

Avro Anson

Aces Flying High

After I wrote my blog on the 2012 Nhill Fly In I was invited by John Deckert a member of the Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre to visit the workshops in Nhill (in country Victoria, Australia) where the various projects associated with their restoration of a World War Two era British designed Avro Anson Mk.I twin-engined maritime patrol, air crew training and liaison aircraft are taking place. This particular Avro Anson was built in 1941 and recovered as a virtual wreck from a Wimmera farm in 2009.

RAAF Avro Anson 1938 RAAF Avro Anson’s in 1938

Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre Avro Anson Restoration The Nhill Avro Anson under restoration


The Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre will build a new museum to house the Avro Anson along with the associated memorabilia they have collected at the Nhill Aerodrome, a former Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) training air base in World War Two. The base operated from 1941-1946 predominately flying the Anson to conduct air navigation and armaments training including bombing training…

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