Edgar Dörre

Edgar Dörre

Edgar Dörre is the Luftwaffe pilot who shot down Mervyn Jack Mills, 19.


Mervyn Jack Mills

Brian had done a lot of research about his uncle and he found who probably shot his uncle’s Spitfire.

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Mervyn Jack Mills’ body was never found.

Edgar Dörre died on September 8, 1943.

Edgar Dörre who shot down Mervyn Jack Mills


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  1. Another here…



    Last Known Activity
    Bryant Hutchinson was born on May 13, 1916, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He was the son of Ira F. and Pearl B. Hutchinson. He was drafted into the Army Air Corps in Los Angeles, California where he was residing on July 30, 1942. His enlistment record states he was born in South Carolina, had three years of high school, single with no dependents, and his civilian occupation was listed as usher.

    He received basic training and then went to flexible aerial gunnery school. After this, he was assigned to a combat crew of the 100th Bomb Group and deployed to England in May, 1943. The unit was stationed at Thorpe Abbotts RAF Station 139.

    On June 25, 1943, he was scheduled to participate in a raid on German war facilities at Bremen, Germany. The formation was unescorted and was engaged heavily by German fighters. A burst of machine gun fire either killed or wounded the pilot. The bail out bell was rang, but the aircraft exploded, and the wreckage fell into the North Sea about 30 km north of Langeoog, Germany. There was one survivor who was picked up by a German rescue boat.

    German reports state the aircraft was shot down by Feldwebel Edgar Dorre, flying a BF-109 from JG 26/9.

  2. His plane and how he died…

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, W.Nr.18829/‘Yellow 5+l’ flown by Feldwebel Edgar Dörre of 9./JG26, Wevelghem, Belgium, April 1943.

  3. Another info

    8 September 1943

    WESTERN FRONT: The US Eighth Air Force’s VIII Air Support Command in England flew Missions 53 and 54 against targets in France. 68 B-26B bombed Nord Airfield at Lille and 68 B-26s bombed Vendeville Airfield at Lille. 1 B-26 was lost. 68 B-26s attacked Boulogne coastal defenses.
    ….The fighters of JG 26 lost another pilot when Fw. Edgar Dorre of 9./JG 26 (9 kills) was killed in combat.

  4. Known Victory Claims – Edgar Dorre


    25/07/1942 Uffz. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 Spitfire NW Dünkirchen 14.28 Western Front
    19/08/1942 Uffz. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 Spitfire Dieppe 15.2 Western Front

    19/11/1942 Uffz. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 Spitfire 2km NE Consigny: 4000m [10km N. Zeebrügge] 14.58 Western Front

    23/01/1943 Uffz. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 B-17 Edern E. Brion: 7500m 14.2 Western Front
    16/02/1943 Fw. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 B-17 2km SW Ploemeur: 5500m SW Lorient 11.2 Western Front
    12/03/1943 Fw. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 Spitfire SE Calais: 5500m 16.30-35 Western Front
    25/06/1943 Fw. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 B-17 30-40km NW Helgoland: 7500m 9.02 Western Front
    28/07/1943 Fw. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 B-17 RO-12: 6000m [Bittburg-Wittlich] 9.15 Western Front
    17/08/1943 Fw. Edgar Dörre 9 JG 26 B-17 bei Genk: 7000m [Limburg] 11.3 Western Front

    Known Claims : 9

  5. Reply to a message I left on 12 o’clock High…

    Hi Guys

    He was born Franz Edgar Dorre on 24th November 1919, and was formerly an artillery man. On 8th September 1943 at 1600 hrs he was shot down and killed by British Spitfire’s, his Bf109 coming down at Lens, France.
    His first four claims were as an Unteroffizier, the last five as a Feldwebel, all were with 9./JG 26:-

    25th July 1942 Spitfire NW Dunkirk 1428 hrs Nr.1
    19th August 1942 Spitfire at Dieppe 1520 hrs Nr.2
    19th november 1942 Spitfire 10km North Zeebrugge 1458 hrs 10-30 metres Nr.3
    23rd January 1943 B-17 40km North Quimper 1420 hrs 7500 metres Nr.4
    16th February 1943 B-17 2,5km SW Pleuradeur 1120 hrs 5500 metres Nr.5
    12th March 1943 Spitfire SE Calais 1635 hrs 5500 metres Nr.6
    25th June 1943 B-17 30-40km NW Helgoland(sea) 0902 hrs 4000 metres Nr.7
    28th July 1943 B-17 NW Helgoland(sea) 0915 hrs 6000 metres Nr.8
    17th August 1943 B-17 at Genk 1130 hrs 7000 metres Nr.9



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