Brief History of No. 6 SFTS in Dunnville

Post I wrote in 2010.

Lest We Forget

Eugène Gagnon had some of his pilot training in Dunnville, Ontario.

He got his wings there on April 24, 1942. Then he moved to Paulson, Manitoba to become a Staff Pilot.

Brief History of No. 6 SFTS

The Dunnville flying school, No. 6 SFTS, opened on November 25th 1940; one of the 28 Service Flying Training Schools constructed in Canada under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

The base had five hangers, three double runways, 50 H-huts, a drill hall, canteen, fire hall and other buildings.

Students attending the school had previously completed an eight week elementary course at a Flying Training School. After an additional 12 – 16 weeks at Dunnville, they would earn their wings.

The first group of 50 graduates received their wings on February 10th 1941. While the base was in operation it graduated a total of 2436 pilots. Students came from New Zealand, Australia, Great…

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