Mervyn Jack Mills – 19

Mervyn is much more than a name on a page.

Mervyn Jack Mills banquet document 2

Taken from this Website…

  • Son of George William Alfred Worthy Mills and Gwendoline Eleanor Mills of Parnell, Auckland.
  • Mervyn Jack Mills was born at Auckland on 19 February 1923. He had two sisters. He received his primary education at Te Kuiti Primary School (1928 – 1931 approximately) and Parnell Primary School (1932-1934) and his secondary education (studying electrical engineering) at the Seddon Memorial Technical College (1935-1936). His hobbies were shooting and swimming.
  • At the time he enlisted for war service with the RNZAF in June 1940, he was employed as a Warehouseman by J Wiseman and Sons Ltd, Auckland. Elsewhere in his service record his trade is described as a saddlery salesman.
  • Mills was enlisted for aircrew training on 27 July 1941 at the Ground Training School, Levin, and was posted on 8 September to No 4 Elementary Flying Training School, Whenuapai, to commence his flying training. On 17 November 1941 he embarked for Canada to continue his training under the Empire Air Training Scheme.
  • He was posted to No 6 Service Flying Training School in Dunnville, Ontario, shortly after his arrival in Canada. It was while he was stationed there on 27 March 1942 that he was awarded his flying badge and promoted to Sergeant. This was superseded by his being commissioned as a pilot officer with effect from the same date. On 1 October 1942, while in Wales, he was promoted to flying officer. Meanwhile, on 5 April 1942, he proceeded to No 1 “Y” Depot, Halifax, Nova Scotia to await embarkation for the United Kingdom.
  • Having arrived in England in mid May 1942, Mills was held at No 3 Personnel Reception Centre, Bournemouth, until posted on 3 July 1942 to No 5 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit, Ternhill, Shropshire. From here he was posted on 22 July 1942 to No 53 Operational Training Unit, first at Landlow, and later to Rhoose, both in Glamorganshire, Wales. With his unit he completed his training on Spitfire fighter aircraft prior to being posted on 14 October 1942 to No 132 Squadron, Martlesham, Suffolk, to commence operational flying.
  • As the pilot of a Spitfire fighter he engaged in sixteen operational flights, mostly convoy patrols but including one low level attack against an enemy objective and one enemy aircraft interception flight.
  • Mills was the pilot of a Spitfire fighter which failed to return to its base and he was classified as missing. His death was officially presumed to have occurred on 19 November 1942 as a result of air operations. At the time of his death he had completed 273 flying hours as a pilot.

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Portrait, 1942, Mills standing, wearing leather jacket, standing in corner of brick walled area. Mills had written the following on the back of the original photograph “25-3-42 – Yours Truly. Taken outside the Dormitory at Dunnville on day of the last flight at Dunnville. I was in a hurry to get back into the air. Hence the clothing and worried expression. Note the flying boots.”


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