Sid Seid – An extreme pilot

I had never heard about Sid before finding his name in a logbook and on the back of a picture.


Back Course 63 No. 2 S.F.T.S. Uplands

This is what you will find on about Sid Seid.

Sid Seid Mosquito VI from 418 Squadron

Mosquito Fighter/Fighter-Bomber Units of World War 2 (page 58)
Martin W. Bowman

SEID, F/O Sidney Platt (J22036) – Distinguished Flying Cross – No.418 Squadron – Award effective 20 December 1944 as per London Gazette dated 2 January 1945 and AFRO 471/45 dated 16 March 1945. American who enlisted in the RCAF. Born 28 April 1921 in Santa Rosa, California; home in San Francisco; enlisted in Vancouver, 24 October 1941 and posted to No.3 Manning Depot. To No.15 SFTS (guard), 5 December 1941. To No.2 ITS, 31 January 1942; graduated and promoted LAC, 28 March 1942 but not posted to No.2 EFTS until 9 July 1942; graduated 28 August 1942 and posted next day to No.2 SFTS; graduated and commissioned 18 December 1942.

Sid Seid

To No.1 Flying Instructor School, 4 January 1943. To No.13 SFTS, 13 March 1943. Promoted Flying Officer, 1 June 1943. To No.36 OTU, 11 November 1943. To “Y” Depot, Lachine, 29 January 1944. Taken on strength of No.3 PRC, Bournemouth, 14 February 1944. Repatriated 3 December 1944. To Western Air Command, 19 January 1945. To No.7 OTU, 22 January 1945. Promoted Flight Lieutenant, 18 March 1945. To No.8 Release Cengtre, 22 August 1945. Retired 29 August 1945. He was pilot to F/O David N. McIntosh, and thus figures prominently in the latter\’s book, Terror in the Starboard Seat. Award presented 24 June 1947.

Credited with the following victories:

21/22 June 1944, one V-1 destroyed;

6/7 July 1944, one V-1 destroyed;

11/12 July 1944, one V-1 destroyed;

13/14 July 1944, one V-1 destroyed;

30 August 1944, one FW.190 and one Bf.110 damaged on ground;

15 October 1944, one Bf.109 destroyed plus one Bf.110 destroyed plus five Ju.88s destroyed plus two Bf.109s damaged plus two Ju.88s damaged plus one unidentified enemy aircraft damaged, all on the ground.

RCAF photos are PL-28420, PL-28424, PL-32823, PL-34590, PL-40220, PL-40221 and Pl-40800. In particular, RCAF photo PL-32823 (ex UK-15082 dated 20 September 1944 shows arrival of parcels from sponsoring city of Edmonton; mascots Butch, Rufus and Tony with F/O George Drew, RAF (trained at Port Albert, Ontario), F/O Chuck Redecker (Windsor, Ontario), F/O E. Gent, RAF, and F/O Sid Seid of San Francisco. RCAF photo PL-40220 (ex UK-15891 dated 18 October 1944) shows P/O D.N. McIntosh (left), Stanstead, Quebec and F/O S.P. Seid (San Francisco) discussing sortie into Germany which resulted in destruction of eight enemy aircraft with no damage to their aircraft. Photo PL-40221 (ex UK-15891 dated 18 October 1944 shows Seid on left, McIntosh, and CBC interviewer F/O R.R. Mackness (Vancouver).

Flying Officer Seid has successfully completed a large number of operational sorties. He has attacked the enemy’s road, rail and water transport and destroyed at least eight enemy aircraft on the ground and damaged others. In September 1943, while enroute for an attack on a German airfield, this officer encountered an enemy convoy on the Zuider Zee. In the face of heavy anti-aircraft fire he made repeated attacks and obtained hits on at least three of the vessels. The long hours spent by Flying Officer Seid in careful planning and studying of tactical situations have been reflected in his outstanding record of achievement which has been an inspiration to all in his squadron.

I wish I had all those PL- pictures from RCAF files to show you…


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