More and more logbook pages

Greg is sending more scanned pages using the 600 dpi settings on his trusted scanner.

Trust is what evolved from a meeting in Hamilton back in September 2011 when I first met Greg Bell. This mutual trust led us to share all of Greg’s grandfather’s logbooks and photo album, first on RCAF No. 403 Squadron, and then on 128 (F) Squadron.

This blog about the BCATP was not created at first for his grandfather because I did not know Spitfire pilot Walter Neil Dove had been an instructor before going overseas.


When I first met Greg I felt all the admiration he had for his grandfather. I also felt someone had to pay homage to his grandfather and all his fellow Spitfire pilots. This is where I came in with Greg scanning like hell and I writing like hell since 2011.

The RCAF No. 403 Squadron blog has a life of its own right now, and people still contribute their pictures and stories. That was the mission of this blog.

This blog about the BCATP got a jump start in March with what Greg has been sharing and will continue to share what information is found in his grandfather’s precious logbook.

Here are now three more logbook pages with stories just begging to be told someday.

logbook Uplands page 7

logbook Uplands page 8

logbook Uplands page 9


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