More and more and more logbook pages

Greg is sending more scanned pages again.

Here are three more logbook pages with again stories just waiting to be told someday.

logbook Uplands page 10

logbook Uplands page 11

Night fighter – ace P/O Harrington

logbook Uplands page 12

Student Crash Landed in Corn Field About 10 min After
Check out Student OK


2 thoughts on “More and more and more logbook pages

  1. About the nightfighter ace Harrington…

    Lt. A.A. “Archie” Harrington was a USAAF pilot on detachment to 410 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. He shot down 7 enemy aircraft between March and November 1944 – three in one night! His navigator / radar operator was Sgt. (later Flying Officer) D.G. Tongue.

  2. More here…


    Born 10 June 1914 in Jamesville Ohio
    Raised in Atlantic City New Jersey
    Living in Ottawa Ontario when war broke out
    He enlisted in the RCAF in 1940 or ’41
    Got wings in December 1941
    He then instructed at Uplands.
    He married the Mayor* of Ottawa’s daughter in 1942
    Was then posted overseas
    Attended 54 OTU
    Transferred to the USAAF about April ’43.
    But was posted to 410 Squadron in June 1943
    – as an “attached serving officer”
    – to get some night fighter experience.
    Left 410 Sq. on 28 December 1944
    His regular NAV was D. G. Tongue (RAF).
    They are officially credited with 7 kills & 1 probable.

    He died of cancer in Vacaville California on 15 Feb 1988

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