A funny anecdote Redux

This comment just came in and it makes this post most interesting…

Dear Mr. Lagacé, concerning to group photo of No. 46 course, number 7 is future Mustang pilot F/O A. Sima from 19 squadron RAF.

This is the original post.

Do you know what Facebook is?

Did you know there is a Facebook group about BCATP?

Did you know that two recruits were in the same course at No. 6 SFTS Dunnville?

Course 46 No. 1 Section Dunnville 1942_picture

Course 46.

They got their wings on the same day: April 24, 1942.

Eugène Gagnon Dunnville

Collection Jacques Gagnon

Did you know I visited the Dunnville Museum in 2011 and took more than 200 pictures?


This was one of them…

Course 46 No. 1 Section Dunnville 1942_picture

Did you know recruit no.1 was Eugène Gagnon who became a Mosquito pilot with 23 Squadron?

Eugene Gagnon course 46


Collection Tom Cushing

What about finding on Facebook that recruit No. 15 was someone’s grandfather?

Dunnville Course 46 2-7 Browne

Now you know how Facebook can be fun and be a great tool to reunite people with their relatives or strangers who got their training with the BCATP.


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