Who Remembers Joseph Simpson Shaw?

Searching for a pilot who maybe had his training in Canada

Lest We Forget

His nephew Robert Harris whose father was Eugene Gagnon’s Navigator.

Joseph Simpson Shaw who joined the RAF with my father straight out of University.  He was killed on 17th September 1942 on a raid over Essen and is buried in the Reichswald War Cemetery on the Belgian/German border. He was a Pilot Officer and was the pilot of a Wellington 1C with 15 OTU based at RAF Harwell, Oxfordshire and I believe this was his first mission.  I remember being told that he trained in Canada.  His service number was 120603.

Searching for people who might be related somehow to Pilot Officer Joseph Simpson Shaw.

Information on the Internet about that Pilot Officer.

The mission he flew on…


16/17 September 1942


369 aircraft, including aircraft from the training groups. 39 aircraft

– 21 Wellingtons, 9 Lancasters, 5 Stirlings, 3 Halifaxes, 1 Whitley

– lost, 10.6 per cent of the force.


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3 thoughts on “Who Remembers Joseph Simpson Shaw?

  1. He certainly wasn’t the pilot. A lot of people see the rank of Pilot Officer and think pilot. From Chorley’s OTU Losses 1940-1947: Wellington IC N2778, t/o from Harwell 2014 hrs. Crew:

    F/S SB Hobson RCAF (Pilot)+
    Sgt JAJD Hatton (2nd Pilot)+
    P/O JS Shaw (Observer)+
    Sgt GE Jones (WAG)+
    F/S HD Van Norman RCAF (AG)+
    Sgt TA Drew RCAF (AG)+

    All crew rest in Reichswald Forest Cemetery. A note added says P/O Shaw had gained a Bachelor of Science degree. University not shown.

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