Fleet Finch 4462

Windsor Mills 1945?

Nope… Gatineau 2012!

I took these pictures at Gatineau airport last September.

It rained a little…. but the day was memorable.

I knew this was a Fleet Finch.

I wonder how many visitors at Gatineau could identify it…

In 2010 I could not. I did not know anything about BCATP either. It took me some time to write the abbreviation properly… BCTAP… BATCP…

I still do.

This man has been guiding me since 2010…


He was not my only guide.

Marcel Bergeron became a close friend…

Marcel wanted to let the world know about his youth hero, an unknown French-Canadian Mosquito pilot with RAF 23 Squadron.

What became of our first meeting is a fascinating story…

Click here… 

So what happened at Windsor Mills after the war in 1945?


Next post on November 11.


One thought on “Fleet Finch 4462

  1. The VWC Finch was aquired a couple of years ago and had some major restoration done to it.
    I am told that this winter they will install the proper canopy assembly and get rid of the open cockpit and wind screens.
    The Fleet Finch were never an open cockpit aircraft.
    Installing the canopies will make it much more accurate looking externally at least.

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