St. Catharines July 1941

What more can I say…

November is a good time to remember… what happened in July 1941.

Eugène Gagnon did not die in a plane crash while training in a Fleet Finch like LACs Fetherston and Davie.

I will tell you how he died later.

Eugène Gagnon is on a picture his nephew Jacques Gagnon shared with me in 2011.

At first I thought it was taken at No. 4 Manning Depot in Quebec City. I quickly had identified Eugène.

I had this other picture Jacques Gagnon shared.

There was something written on the back…

Pretty easy to identify who were on it and where it was taken thanks to Eugène.

Front : Nadeau – McGuire

Back : Reardon – Sweet – Cloutier

St. Catharines Ont July 41

In 2011 I had figured the group picture was taken later when Eugène was posted to No. 4 Manning Depot.

I wished I had known Cam Harrod back then. Cam’s father was an instructor with No. 9 EFTS St. Catharines.


5 thoughts on “St. Catharines July 1941

  1. The crash site photo is appears to be a post war photo of a Republic Seebee amphib aircraft From the look of the front cockpit area., she hit really hard.

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