Ground Crew at Windsor Mills

This man was a ground crew at No. 4 EFTS Windsor Mills.

No. 4 EFTS Windsor Mills was in fact located at St-François-Xavier, a small town north-west of Sherbrooke, Quebec. 

He is posing in front of a Tiger Moth. This picture was sent last week by a contributor. He identified the man as Yvon Goudreau.

Mario Hains also contributed this picture.

These I found on the Internet.


9 thoughts on “Ground Crew at Windsor Mills

  1. Wonderful photo men and women At Windsor Mills The people in dark blue uniforms are Non Air Force

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  2. The picture of the personnel at 4 EFTS is very interesting
    All the women are in civilian EFTS uniform
    Most of the men are also with the exception of anyone wearing a wedge cap, they are RCAF. There are also two types of civilian male uniform dark blue and khaki
    By examining the wings and cap badges you can tell which people are Air Force and which are civilian

  3. It would be wonderful to set up some kind of event with WW 2 Trainers visiting the old location.
    I have enough contacts to possibly make this happen.
    Where is the closest town , is the field now privately owned etc

  4. I noticed you identified my father, Donald C. Ford. Are there other links with additional information? My dad passed away in 1975. I have his log books and training record.

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