Windsor Mills

Cam Harrod posted this on the Facebook group page British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada

Hi Everyone
Just joined the group and am happy I found it
Dad served at #9EFTS St Catherines from 1939-44.
Here is a picture of my actual Fleet Finch taken at #4 EFTS Windsor Mills Que
She is #4494 and I fly her in aviation events thru out Ontario

A black and white photograph of E. Weldon McKay in winter flight gear in front of a Fleet Finch II Model 16B with a sliding canopy for winter flying.   The photo was taken while Weldon McKay was stationed at Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) No. 4 Windsor Mills, Quebec.   Weldon McKay received his training at No.4 EFTS from November 22, 1941 to January 31, 1942. 

From the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Archive (source)

This is his plane…

More to come…

Meantime… click here.


8 thoughts on “Windsor Mills

  1. Pierre
    The Tigerboys aircraft is 4488 and is operated by two partners.

    My Finch is 4494 owned by myself and operated thru my company The Hamilton Aero Club.

  2. Cam,

    My dad, Donald Ford, received his flight training in a Fleet Finch in 1942 at No. 4 EFTS, Windsor Mills. Checking his log book, I noticed he flew 4494 several times. He then went on to become a flight instructor and returned to Windsor Mills to instruct students in the Tiger Moth. The operational Tiger Moth at the Canadian Heritage Museum in Hamilton, #8922 was one of his aircraft (his logbook has 23 entries for it). By the way, I’m a private pilot myself and fly a taildragger.


    Richard Ford

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